Why Go Solar?

California residential electricity rates are on the rise. Since 1970 electric rates have increased an average of 6.7% annually! On June 18th of 2014 Southern California Edison announced an 8% rate increase for all customers. There is no question energy costs will continue to rise but you can control your future energy costs by going solar.


Key Advantages:

      • Reduce your electric bill
      • Increase your property value
      • Take control of your future electricity costs
      • Generate your own reliable electricity
      • Be environmentally responsible


Type of Installations:

      • Composition Shingle Roof
      • Tile Roof
      • Ground Mount
      • Patio Cover
      • Tilt Ups


What system is right for you?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a solar system.  Here are some important ones:

      • Size and location of your home
      • Number of people living in your home
      • Number of appliances and whether or not they are energy efficient
      • Swimming Pool or Spa
      • Your budget and goals

Our solar experts will help you to determine the system that best suits your needs.



Why choose ROI Technologies for your solar system?

Integrity is at the core of our values.  Our solar experts will educate you on the system that is right for you, even if it is not solar.  We provide an expert assessment using state of the art tools to help you clearly understand what you can expect from our solar system.  In addition, our technical sales professionals will discuss the best financing options available to ensure the best return on your investment (ROI).  We will obtain all the required permits, deal with the utility company and ensure a headache free process all the way through.